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Modern Bagua Map

Modern Bagua Map - FengShui Accents The bagua map (BAH-gwa) is a very basic tool used in feng shui to learn which parts of a space–-such as a home, office building, room or yard–-correlate with particular areas of life. Once we know which area of a space corresponds to which life aspiration, we can enhance our [...]

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Is Pyrite Fool’s Gold or Better than Gold?

Initially thought to be gold, pyrite is also nicknamed fool's gold. Pyrite mostly comes in clusters, but you can also find pyrite in stunning shapes of cubes and globes. Is it fool's gold or better than gold? Pyrite jewelry is gaining popularity, along with many pyrite carvings. Within its gleaming beauty is a stone of hidden fire, [...]

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Is Citrine the Wealth Crystal?

Citrine - commonly associated with money, wealth and success, is rare in nature. Most of the citrine you find on the market is actually heat treated amethyst. It is not easy to recognize genuine citrine, but it is relatively easy to see if the so-called citrine is a modified amethyst. The color of this stone [...]

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Chalcedony the Nurturing Quartz Crystal

Chalcedony is a demure, subtle and mystic, cool and serene crystal. It has an inviting, soft blue translucence that invokes a stillness of silent reverence. It's calming, and speaks of spirit and trust. Here are some spiritual benefits of Chalcedony. Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family with a cryptocrystalline structure, perfect for magnifying [...]

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Rose Quartz For Love, Romance and Self-Acceptance

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals in healing, jewelry, as well as Feng Shui. Famous for attracting and keeping love, rose quartz is also used when it comes to healing one's heart from pain and disappointment. It is inexpensive and can be found as smooth tumbled stones in most gift shops and [...]

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Aquamarine – Promote Peace & Calmness

There is something soothing and eternal about the quiet energy of aquamarine - not just another color. This serene stone has the most beautiful blue green colors seen in the gemstone world. The name aquamarine means “sea water”.   Aquamarine, just like the emerald, is a variety of beryl. In its light blue-green shades aquamarine can be quite affordable, but the deeper blue color aquamarine [...]

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Understanding the Seven Chakras (or Eight)

We know it's not easy, so we tried to make it easy for you. Understanding the Seven Chakras could be quite daunting so we made this guide easy for all to understand. Chakras (sanskrit for “wheel of light”) are concentrated points of energy vertically aligned in the center of the body close to the spinethat [...]

Gemstone Metaphysical Properties, Healing and Definition

We oftentimes encounter gemstones and take them only for their external qualities, and appreciate them only for their aesthetic qualities. However, there is more to gemstones than that. Here's a short guide on gemstone qualities, healing and definition. Agate Agate's most noticeable propertiesoverall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming. [...]

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