How to Build Your Own Terrarium

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How to Build Your Own Terrarium

Wondering how to build your own terrarium but always wondered how easy it is? Here’s a video showing you how to make your own terrarium! Take pointers from this video and you’re on your way to creating your own!

Add a little green to your indoor space with an eye-catching terrarium! Not only can unsealed terrariums give your surroundings that little additional oxygen boost, terrariums are easy to create and maintain, perfect for the busy urbanite. Change up the glass container to fit into any décor. Remember that having green plants around is a surefire way to keep away the winter blues. Terrariums are easy-to-make, low-maintenance, and on top of that, sealed terrariums can last almost indefinitely with minimal watering. However, in order to sustain itself, it is critical that terrariums be placed in an ideal location where there’s indirect sunlight, preferably behind sheers.

Buy your containers from a thrift store or an antique store, or just scour your house for an old glass jar. Even simple jelly jars or canning jars can make beautiful terrariums. They can be left open or closed — it’s totally up to you. Terrarium supplies can be purchased at your local gardening center or from our Fengshui Accents shop.

As for the plants that go into building a terrarium, the sky is the limit! Look for small plants that you can fit inside your jar and won’t grow too tall. Some plants will have multiple stems so you can break them up even further. To ensure the longevity of your terrarium, keep succulents and cacti together, and keep fern and tropical plants together, because they require different amounts of water and soil. You’ll want cactus soil for the succulents and regular old potting soil for everything else. The rocks are used as a false drainage layer while the activated charcoal helps keep the terrarium healthy. Terrarium moss can be used for decoration and to help soak up and retain water.

Hope these little tips answered your question on how to build your own terrarium. Get started with it now!


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